SMART Board for Intermediate Use

The first assignment is an opportunity to demonstrate your proficiency with Notebook software. Submit to the dropbox a Notebook file that includes at least 5 pages, and 5 features from the list below:
  • Table
  • Objects aligned with Alignment Guide
  • Grouped objects
  • Infinite Cloner Object
  • Pinned Page
  • Page Recording
  • Screen Capture
  • Print Capture

Alignment Guides
Pin Page
Page Recorder
Print Capture
Screen Capture
Print to Notebook Capture 1
Print to Notebook Capture 2
Importing and Exporting with Notebook

Session 2
Now that you are becoming an expert on Notebook software. This week, we ask you demonstrate knowledge of the SMARTboard itself - The Hardware that complements the Software. Use the Notebook template (ATTACH) to embed photos or a video that proves your skills at:
  • Calibrating the board at 24 points
  • Using the pens/ink in Notebook and as an overlay of the computer screen and capturing it to a Notebook page
  • Using the SMARTboard to control the computer and use programs other than Notebook
  • Using tools other than pens from the floating toolbar

How to setup a SMART Board -
5 tips and tricks for the SMART Board -

Session 3
There are thousands of Notebook activities shared online via websites and the SMART Exchange. As you explore the availability of shared resources you will find many Notebook files that focus on Lower Order Thinking Skills (LOTS) and few that engage learners with Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). Click here for a Blooms Taxonomy Wheel.

The Exchange also shared extra Gallery content. Search for additional gallery content that supports your instruction and add it to your Notebook gallery (it installs to the My Content folder of Notebook gallery). This week, find an example of each and modify the LOTS to make it a HOTS lesson. Submit to the week 3 forum links to the Smart Exchange files you found useful. The Notebook file that you turn HOT will be submitted for the week 5 discussion forum.

Session 4

At the basic level, a SMARTboard is just an interactive whiteboard and can be used as a board with virtual markers. As students engage with lessons that focus on HOTS, the features of the board becomes an integral part of the learning experience. Read the article: Whiteboards: A Modest Proposal and consider how your use of the SMARTboard and Notebook software has evolved overtime. Post a discussion thread with your reaction to the article ... *BROKEN LINK*

Share your final Notebook file with the group ...

Session 5

You should be proud of the work you have done in this course and it is time to share it with the world (or at least your SCPS colleagues). Post your HOTS Notebook lesson here with a short description of how you used it in your classroom. Make sure to visit the forum often during this week to gain ideas from and give thoughtful comments on other shared Notebook lessons.